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Let’s cut to the chase: this is one of the best motorcycle books that I have ever read.

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The Ride so Far: Tales from a Motorcycling Life, by Lance OliverAbout the book

The Ride Continues blogNobody has to ride a motorcycle, so why do we do it?

We all have our reasons, but few can describe them better than these well spun tales from a varied motorcycling life. Whether recounting a laid-back ramble along an Appalachian backroad or trying to reach 170 mph on a Kawasaki Ninja at Losail International Circuit in Qatar, these tales from the road and ruminations from the garage uncover the essence of what makes motorcycling so much more than just a way to get from here to there.

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The Ride So Far is published by Whitehorse Press.

Lance OliverAbout the author

Lance Oliver took his first motorcycle rides on a humble Honda 50 (see the chapter “The Most Important Motorcycle Ever Built”) and has since ridden anything he could get his hands on, from a Ducati 999s (see “Dropping the Ducati“) to a 1968 Motobi 125 (see “Blind Date in Vermont”). Over the years he has worked as a newspaper reporter and editor in New York, Florida and Puerto Rico, as a volunteer English teacher in rural Costa Rica, and as a magazine and website editor at the American Motorcyclist Association. He currently lives in Ohio with his wife, Ivonne, and a collection of formerly homeless animals, and works as a freelance writer and translator.

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