The ride continues

These are the very first words in my book, The Ride So Far, in the preface:

Odds are, if you’ve picked up this book, then you’re just a little excessively interested in motorcycles, like me. You might say that I had no choice but to write it, because after spending such an inordinate share of my finite time on this earth thinking about, talking about and writing about motorcycle stuff, I had to do something with all those words.

on the road

The ride continues. See you on the road.

A few people who enjoyed my book asked when I’d be writing the next one. I answered, truthfully, that I’d used up all my good motorcycling material in the first one.

But as I also said, at the end of that preface, I titled the book The Ride So Far because “I’m not done yet.” I knew there would be more rides, more things to talk about. Maybe not worthy of a book, but more to say, for sure.

So now, a year after the book hit the market, I’ve created this space to share a few tales and photos and discuss some of the things that matter to those of us who love to ride, and mystify the other, more normal members of our society. Because I’m not done yet and the ride, I’m happy to say, continues.