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January 2013

A focus group at the International Motorcycle Show

This past weekend, I was part of a self-selected, unappointed, unofficial, unconsulted focus group that attended the Progressive International Motorcycle Show at Cleveland. The four of us represent a fairly wide cross-section of the potential motorcycle-buying public, so I think our responses to what we saw are worth a recap.

Icecapades: A motorcyclist in winter

Spare a thought for the motorcyclist in winter. Some gracefully accept the inevitable gaps in riding and store the bike for the worst of the winter months. Some of us, through questionable judgment, a lack of other transportation options, or sheer stubborn refusal to admit that winter has the best of us, keep on riding. […]

My kind of custom

Don’t worry, I’m not going to go “Sound of Music” on you and burst into song, but these are definitely a few of my favorite things: A custom motorcycle that is both one man’s vision and the labor of his own talented hands. A one-of-a-kind motorcycle that doesn’t cost $30,000, is actually rideable, and was […]

Riding resolutions

There are plenty of good motorcycling resolutions that could be made, that should be made, even need to be made.