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February 2013

A road trip in February?

A motorcycle road trip in February? Sure, if you live in San Diego. But what if you live north of the Mason-Dixon line, where instead of happily choosing the most enjoyable route, issues of planning include avoiding freezing rain? It’s testimony to just how bad my cabin fever gets by the end of February that […]

Villopoto, Millsaps, and that time I was wrong

The surprising battle between Davi Millsaps and Ryan Villopoto for the Supercross title this year reminds me of the time I was wrong. 

The day the racing died

In the long and dismal downtrend of motorcycle roadracing television coverage in the United States, one thing has been constant. Every time we bitched and moaned about how bad the coverage was, it got worse the next year. And now, welcome to 2013, otherwise known as dead rock bottom, where we won’t be criticizing the […]