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May 2013

Memorial Day run

Where I grew up, the Memorial Day run was once a big event on the biker calendar, and it appears it has made a comeback. I was down there this weekend, helping my parents with some outdoors chores, and could easily hear the steady rumble of the departure of this year’s event yesterday afternoon. My […]

The road to 100,000 miles

There’s more than one route to 100,000 miles. You can get there by being the commuter warrior, intentionally taking the long way home each day, plus hitting the track a few times a year like Philippe Gouamba. Or you could ride to work weekdays, ride with your friends in your local motorcycle club on weekends, […]

I have seen motorcycling’s future and its name is … Grom?

It’s human nature. We all like to be catered to. But as a 52-year-old white male living in the United States who has an interest in seeing the motorcycle industry do well, I have to realize that I am not motorcycling’s future. I am its past. In recent years, it has become popular among many […]