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August 2013

Dispatch from Indy, a flat landscape in the Midwest ruled by Spain

I’m back from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, where about this time every year they play the U.S. national anthem before the race but then wear out the Spanish national anthem after the races, where the big news is that next year’s race is not canceled, and where local jingoistic race fans (the kind who only […]

Bike Night on Beale Street

If you ask most people to name a street in Memphis, they’re most likely to say Beale, if they say anything at all. With its bars, music and BBQ joints, all under a neon glow on a hot summer night, Beale Street is an adult amusement park, and on Wednesday nights it’s for motorcycles only. I […]

Mixing business and pleasure on the other side of Ohio

Draw a north-south line through the spot where I live in central Ohio. About 98 times out of 100, when I’m venturing more than a few miles from home, I’m going somewhere east of that line.