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November 2013

Worst use of a motorcycle in a music video, ever

And the award for Worst Use of a Motorcycle as a Prop in a Music Video goes to… (rustling envelope) … Kanye West! So bad on so many levels, it’s laughable.

We need some feel-good news

Kurt Caselli is dead and Valentino Rossi fired Jeremy Burgess. ┬áThe government reports that motorcycle fatalities and injuries rose again in 2012 and talk about a federal helmet law has unleashed bicker fests on online motorcycle forums that resemble happy hour at a hotel bar where the local Tea Party and the Nancy Pelosi Fan […]

Harley-Davidson’s latest approach to winning the world and the young

Will people buy a Harley-Davidson made in India with a liquid-cooled engine? The answer would be a loud “no” (make that an angry “hell no!”) if by “people” I meant Harley’s traditional customer base. But with the new models Harley is rolling out for 2014, the people we’re talking about mostly live in places like […]

Ben Spies, Michael Jordan, and the sad state of motorcycle roadracing

It’s hard to say which is the sadder piece of news: Ben Spies retiring from racing or Michael Jordan giving up on the AMA Superbike series. But both speak to the same reality. As Colin Edwards told Superbikeplanet.com, in response to the news that Spies was retiring, “There’s no money in this sport anymore.”