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December 2013

Tank pad comparison: TechSpec vs. Stompgrip vs. Tank Slapper

I don’t normally write product reviews on this blog, but here’s an exception. If you’re considering tank pads to protect the paint and provide better grip on your sportbike’s gas tank, read on.

Motorcycles and the people we love

So there was a little verbal tennis match in the insular motorcycle world that’s applicable to you single people. It started with Jon Langston’s article on Rideapart: 10 reasons you shouldn’t date a motorcyclist. Then the MotoLady blog responded with 10 reasons you should date a motorcyclist. Sorry, Jon, but I have to give this […]

How to gear up for winter motorcycle riding

Years of living in tropical and sub-tropical climates spoiled me. Being able to ride all year was easily taken for granted. Now that I’m nearly 40 degrees north of the equator, it’s a little more complicated. But while most of my fellow riders around here surrender in November and don’t come out to play until […]