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January 2014

Buried with his bike

It made the news nearly four years ago when a young man in Puerto Rico was posed on his Repsol replica Honda by a funeral home after he was shot to death. Now, the same thing has happened on even a grander scale here in Ohio. When the same thing happens in my former home […]

Shifting center of the motorcycle world

Here in the United States, we often vary between thinking we are the center of the world or acting as if we are the world, a way of thinking that spawned that old joke, “So, I see you Americans won the World Series again this year.” To anyone paying attention, it has been clear the […]

Filling the Superbike gap?

The worst thing about the 2014 AMA Superbike schedule, which I wrote about last week, is obvious: five race weekends are not enough exposure (especially without television coverage) to bring sponsors on board to support the teams. But the second worst thing is not new. The gap between Daytona in March and the next race at […]

The “savior” of Superbike racing is now officially a sorry joke

We have secured the future of professional motorcycle racing in America. We have secured the legacy of the AMA name in professional racing for years to come. ~Rob Dingman, AMA president, announcing the sale of the AMA Superbike series to Daytona Motorsports Group in 2008 Remember how Rob Dingman called it a key part of […]

Polar Bear ride, 2014

The weather forecast for the first day of 2014 in my area called for a high near 40 degrees with a few scraps of sun, followed later by a snowstorm, and followed later yet by the coldest days yet seen this winter, by far. It was clear that if I was going to ride a motorcycle […]

More incentive to keep your resolution: you’ll be a better rider

It shouldn’t be a surprise in this sedentary, overweight country that the most commonly made New Year’s resolution is to lose weight. On that same list, “exercise more,” “eat healthier” and “improve health” are numbers five, six and seven. That’s a lot of good intentions. But while I don’t have any statistics at hand, we also know […]