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May 2014

Four years on a Kawasaki Versys

Two years ago, I wrote a post called Two years on a Kawasaki Versys. For a long time it was the most-read post on this blog. That’s mostly the result of people searching for real-world accounts of living with the Versys over the long term. Magazine and website tests are great resources. I occasionally write […]

Mounting an E-ZPass on your motorcycle

In an earlier post, I wrote about mounting an E-ZPass transponder on my Kawasaki Versys because of the regular trips I’m making from my home in Ohio to Philadelphia for my work. Having now spent way too much time experimenting, and even more time thinking about it, I think I have found the best way, […]

What a difference 12 weeks makes

For my regular trips from my home office in Bexley, Ohio, to RevZilla HQ in Philadelphia, the Pennsylvania Turnpike is the expedient route, not the scenic route. A 475-mile day makes for head-down, keep-moving kind of travel, not the preferred sightseeing, spur-of-the-moment detouring, back-road routes that are the motorcycling ideal. That was especially true of […]

The long winter’s nap ends

There are a few reliable signs of spring: the swallows return to San Juan Capistrano, the buzzards come back to Hinckley, and my Daytona 675 comes out of hibernation. The first two happen in March, and the third, which is a less reliable signal than the birds, may take place any time during April or May.