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October 2015

Under the helmet, we are one

This video is full of cliches. It’s a promotional video, predictable and sappy. I love it anyway. I recently wrote a satirical piece for RevZilla that made a point about the way we motorcyclists divide ourselves into warring tribes over the smallest things, like the color of our leather or the rake angle of our […]

The tweet says it all: #summerisgone Part 2

Overnight, boom, it's fall. My #motorcycle heated grips were really needed this morning at 49 degrees. pic.twitter.com/mzkn6qjM0i — Lance Oliver (@lancekoliver) October 12, 2015

Nicky Hayden to World Superbikes — two years too late?

Nicky Hayden is leaving MotoGP and going to the Superbike World Championship for 2016 and sounds about as happy about it as a little kid sent to his early bed time while his older siblings get to stay up late and continue the birthday party.

The tweet says it all: #summerisgone

Last #motorcycle track day of the year @Mid_Ohio. Sigh. #summerisgone #iamnotready pic.twitter.com/twBEA7KbpW — Lance Oliver (@lancekoliver) October 7, 2015