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Did Harley-Davidson compromise the LiveWire to make it more Harley-like?

Even if Harley-Davidson never builds or sells a single LiveWire electric motorcycle, the project has been a success, just from the reams of publicity it has generated. Magazines and websites that probably didn’t even know electric motorcycles existed were suddenly writing about the LiveWire because the dominant motorcycle manufacturer in the United States did something […]

The found weekend: Moto-intensive

This weekend, I did the things that most riders do on a regular basis, but I don’t often do. And more. I rode with friends, rode to the track, to the mountains, and to the beach. Probably best of all, I (hope I) helped a new rider get started on his own personal motorcycling journey. […]

Photochromic helmet faceshields: my new favorite gear

The technological advances I’ve seen in my many years of riding motorcycles have been impressive. I now look at the skinny fork tubes and narrow, hard-rubber tires on the bikes I rode as a beginner and wonder how I managed not to crash in every single curve. The last decade, particularly, has brought incredible advances, from […]

Summer road trip: The rain stays mainly in Maine

What I did on my summer vacation? Not exactly. First of all, when you’re self-employed (or at least if you’re self-employed and like me), you never really have a normal “vacation,” in the sense of free time doing nothing. All my vacations are working vacations. As I’ve explained to friends and strangers alike, when you’re a […]

The Ducati career-killer claims Cal

As the Ducati Desmosedici enters its second decade of destroying promising MotoGP riders’ careers and battering their spirits, spare a moment to commiserate with Cal Crutchlow. He recently had to tweet about winning a team bicycle race because, as he noted himself, it’s likely the only race on two wheels he’ll win this year. From […]

The end of the road, and the beginning

This is literally the end of the road, and also where my ride began. It was about 40 years ago on this gravel driveway that I first rode a motorcycle, a neglected Honda 50 step-through. The Daytona is not ideal for the surface, but it sure is prettier than the Honda was. June is here, […]

Four years on a Kawasaki Versys

Two years ago, I wrote a post called Two years on a Kawasaki Versys. For a long time it was the most-read post on this blog. That’s mostly the result of people searching for real-world accounts of living with the Versys over the long term. Magazine and website tests are great resources. I occasionally write […]

Mounting an E-ZPass on your motorcycle

In an earlier post, I wrote about mounting an E-ZPass transponder on my Kawasaki Versys because of the regular trips I’m making from my home in Ohio to Philadelphia for my work. Having now spent way too much time experimenting, and even more time thinking about it, I think I have found the best way, […]