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Blog: The ride continues

How to learn to ride a motorcycle

I know a woman whose attempt to learn to ride a motorcycle lasted ten feet. She decided she’d have her boyfriend, a very experienced motorcyclist, teach her. She lurched ten feet across the parking lot, he screamed at her, they started arguing about his teaching technique and she gave up then and there. Never did […]

What to wear: A non-ideological, common-sense guide to gear

If you want to start a raging, multi-page debate in an online motorcycle forum, there are a few old standbys that always work: what’s the best way to break in an engine, what kind of oil should I use, and do I really need to wear all my gear all the time? It’s the last […]

Should I buy an electric motorcycle?

It’s not really surprising that most people buying an electric motorcycle these days are not current owners of an internal combustion motorcycle. Many people who ride motorcycles just don’t get the idea of an electric motorcycle. The objection usually goes something like this: I can pay $9,000 for a motorcycle that will make 125 horsepower, […]

The 200,000-mile Ninja

Hang around online motorcycle forums any time at all and soon enough you’ll see someone post a request for advice that reads something like this: “I’m thinking of buying this sportbike. It looks clean and the owner seems like he takes care of his stuff, but it has 20,000 miles on it. Is it used […]

Motorcycle 101

Along with the touring stories, personal profiles and articles about one-of-a-kind customs, some of the stories I’ve written for Accelerate magazine have been practical, how-to pieces. Though I’m no master mechanic, I have learned some helpful tips during a lifetime of riding, from how to prep your bike to how to pack for a long […]

Thanks for the sunshine, November

November in Ohio can bring absolutely anything, in terms of weather. One year, I watched my wife’s nieces and nephew play in the piles of leaves in our backyard on a sunny, 70-degree Thanksgiving Day. I’ve seen snow on Thanksgiving, too. So when November throws us one of those good days, I take advantage.

The most beautiful rides of the year

On those crystal days of autumn, when the air is just the right temperature to comfortably wear the gear and the leaves are hitting their peak, there is no better time to ride, just for the sake of breathing a deep gulp of nature’s beauty and celebrating the feeling of being alive. And to relive […]


In the grand scheme of motorcycling, it wasn’t really that big an accomplishment. But still, when my 1997 Triumph Speed Triple rolled over 90,000 miles yesterday, I stopped to take a photo.