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If you enjoyed Peter Egan’s countless columns in Cycle World over the years, enjoy reading Clement Salvadori’s columns in Rider, you’ll no doubt enjoy and benefit from this new book, The Ride So Far, by Lance Oliver… While Oliver is a lesser known journalist, he is an excellent writer… We HIGHLY recommend this book.

Let’s cut to the chase: this is one of the best motorcycle books that I have ever read.
»Willie McLandsborough, Motorcycle Sport Touring Association STAReview

Very humorous, often inspiring, frequently instructive, always entertaining… it was all of the above and more. He has a comfortable, easy writing style, and I often found myself leaning back in my chair and letting myself simply imagine the people and places of which he wrote. In fact, several times he was able to put into words what I feel when I ride, or even when traveling by other means… I recommend it to riders everywhere.
»Greg, a reader in Texas, on

Great book, spoken from the heart by a guy that knows.
»Bill, a reader in Florida, on Facebook.

Read The Ride So Far. You will laugh and find a bit of yourself in the book.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and think many of you will also.
»Bob Sherwood, The Concourier, Fall 2010 issue

The Ride So Far will have you nodding in agreement, chuckling at the absurdity, and probably laughing out loud.
»Jon Langston, RoadBike magazine, December 2010 issue

This small hardback written by experienced American motorcycle journalist Lance Oliver has got to rate as one of the top motorcycle books of 2010.
»Ian Kerr, Inter-Bike

What is it about riding a motorcycle that has motorcyclists so hooked? With his trademark wit and insight, motojournalist Lance Oliver offers his thoughts on that question in this look back at some of his most memorable rambles on two wheels.
»Amy Mortensen,

A good storyteller draws the listener into the story; like a campfire next to a tent after a long day on two wheels draws a tired rider. Motorcyclists have been telling stories since the first kickstand hit the dirt. The Ride So Far: Tales from a Motorcycling Life draws the reader into the world of author Lance Oliver. He takes you along on the ride; wherever that may be… I highly recommend this book for anyone who enjoys the motorcycle life.
»Kevin Thomas,

We have known Lance for years and he has written for us many a time, so we were really looking forward to his book and we were not disappointed. All of us have great stories and wild tales and interesting anecdotes from our riding careers, but Lance was able to put so many of his in an enjoyable and well-done style.
»Backroads magazine, December 2010 issue

A total delight! I am still reading one story at a time… kind of like hoarding! These are great tales of motorcycle experiences, and I keep thinking “I’ve been there! I’ve done that! What great memories!”
»Neal Davis, author of Motorcycle Journeys Through Texas and Northern Mexico

I managed to read it cover to cover over a long weekend. That’s a lot faster than I read most motorcycle books so that in itself should tell you something about how I enjoyed it. It was a real pleasure to read. Definitely a worthy book to consider…
»Canadian Motorcycle Rider

More contemplative types will appreciate The Ride So Far: Tales From A Motorcycling Life by Lance Oliver for its snippets of real life riding we can all relate to.
»IronWorks magazine Holiday Gift Guide 2010

This guy has ridden every road and track and every bike, and in this book he writes short, readable vignettes about each and all. You’ll like his stories. I did.
»John Hermann, author of Motorcycle Journeys Through the Alps And Beyond, 4th Edition

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