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A very different kind of custom

When we envision a “custom” motorcycle, we almost always imagine a motorcycle that has had some of its utility removed in the name of art. Choppers are ever more stretched, seats get lower and lower, ape-hangers get higher and higher. As a result, lean angle is reduced to five degrees and front end feel is […]

200 miles per hour

What does 200 miles per hour feel like? Especially in the wide open spaces of Bonneville, which is the only place most of us could ever hope to do that kind of speed on land, it’s “very much a solitary feeling,” says Jack Broomall. Points of reference are miles away and the rider is tucked […]

Mixing business and pleasure on the other side of Ohio

Draw a north-south line through the spot where I live in central Ohio. About 98 times out of 100, when I’m venturing more than a few miles from home, I’m going somewhere east of that line. 

The road to 100,000 miles

There’s more than one route to 100,000 miles. You can get there by being the commuter warrior, intentionally taking the long way home each day, plus hitting the track a few times a year like Philippe Gouamba. Or you could ride to work weekdays, ride with your friends in your local motorcycle club on weekends, […]

My kind of custom

Don’t worry, I’m not going to go “Sound of Music” on you and burst into song, but these are definitely a few of my favorite things: A custom motorcycle that is both one man’s vision and the labor of his own talented hands. A one-of-a-kind motorcycle that doesn’t cost $30,000, is actually rideable, and was […]

One KZ idea: the coast-to-coast relay

There are certain common elements to the motorcycle stories I most enjoy writing: people motivated by their passion for riding to do interesting things, often overcoming an obstacle of some kind (and it really doesn’t matter whether that obstacle is self-imposed or not). Whether that’s building a custom bike, riding a tiddler non-strop around Lake […]

The brand-new 40-year-old motorcycle

This story was originally published in Accelerate magazine. Remember the excitement of your first motorcycle? Remember the feeling of freedom it gave you, even if you were just a kid putting around in the dirt in a vacant lot? Chuck Floyd remembers more vividly than most. And he’s acting on that memory more strongly than […]

The 200,000-mile Ninja

Hang around online motorcycle forums any time at all and soon enough you’ll see someone post a request for advice that reads something like this: “I’m thinking of buying this sportbike. It looks clean and the owner seems like he takes care of his stuff, but it has 20,000 miles on it. Is it used […]