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Two images that show why the AMA is going nowhere

A few months ago, AMA President Rob Dingman wrote a scolding column titled “Fake news in motorcycling,” in which he asserted there was “a deliberate attempt to defame and undermine the AMA” using information from AMA tax filings, an approach he called “naive at best and intentionally misleading at worst.” He cited a specific article […]

I’m a Life Member of the AMA and I have mixed feelings about that

I am now a Charter Life Member of the American Motorcyclist Association. All that means is that I just paid my annual dues for the 25th time, so I don’t have to pay dues the rest of my life. It’s a milestone that’s both more significant than I would have predicted 25 years ago and […]

A fine vintage, but not what it once was

Back around 2006, when people were sure that real estate prices were going to go up 20 percent a year minimum, forever, and therefore lots of people thought it was a brilliant idea to take out a HELOC to buy an extreme, $40,000 chopper that was almost impossible to ride and was so uncomfortable you […]

The AMA paid how much for this advice?

The AMA recently tried to capitalize on the ebola scare by issuing a news release, backed by comments AMA President Rob Dingman made on camera at the AIMExpo, saying that the Centers for Disease Control might be doing a better job containing the deadly virus if the agency weren’t wasting time and money worrying about […]

Let us praise the end of the DMG era in U.S. motorcycle roadracing

I sometimes suspect that when he’s feeling down or beleaguered, AMA President Rob Dingman fires someone to cheer himself up. If true, considering what a tough time he’s had as president, it would explain why he’s fired so many people over the past seven years. Also if true, it might help soften the blow of having to […]

The good and bad of the Daytona 200’s internet-only era

Well here we are in 2014 in the brave new world of internet-only coverage of the Daytona 200. Because nobody could figure out how to televise this year’s six-round AMA Superbike series profitably, and since few people actually go to Daytona International Speedway for the race, there was a troubling chance that the 73rd running […]

The decline of the AMA

The American Motorcyclist Association has experienced a steady decline since 2007, losing 28 percent of its membership and losing nearly $4 million in the last three years alone. Despite these losses in members and money, AMA President and CEO Rob Dingman has been given pay raises and bonuses and record levels of compensation for the position. […]

Filling the Superbike gap?

The worst thing about the 2014 AMA Superbike schedule, which I wrote about last week, is obvious: five race weekends are not enough exposure (especially without television coverage) to bring sponsors on board to support the teams. But the second worst thing is not new. The gap between Daytona in March and the next race at […]