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Did Harley-Davidson compromise the LiveWire to make it more Harley-like?

Even if Harley-Davidson never builds or sells a single LiveWire electric motorcycle, the project has been a success, just from the reams of publicity it has generated. Magazines and websites that probably didn’t even know electric motorcycles existed were suddenly writing about the LiveWire because the dominant motorcycle manufacturer in the United States did something […]

Why are there no electric scooters?

Are the electric motorcycle manufacturers so dead set on building something exciting and sexy that they’d rather risk going down with their ship than build something that would be easier to sell in numbers?

Should I buy an electric motorcycle?

It’s not really surprising that most people buying an electric motorcycle these days are not current owners of an internal combustion motorcycle. Many people who ride motorcycles just don’t get the idea of an electric motorcycle. The objection usually goes something like this: I can pay $9,000 for a motorcycle that will make 125 horsepower, […]