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The tweets say it all: #FirstDayofFall, last summer motorcycle trip

#FirstDayofFall means end of summer. A photo from my last #motorcycle trip of the season this week. #AutumnalEquinox pic.twitter.com/7J6E4SGHo0 — Lance Oliver (@lancekoliver) September 22, 2016 Perfect day for. #motorcycle ride along Lake Michigan. pic.twitter.com/jzorvKSSCG — Lance Oliver (@lancekoliver) September 20, 2016

The tweet says it all: #summerisgone Part 2

Overnight, boom, it's fall. My #motorcycle heated grips were really needed this morning at 49 degrees. pic.twitter.com/mzkn6qjM0i — Lance Oliver (@lancekoliver) October 12, 2015

The tweet says it all: #summerisgone

Last #motorcycle track day of the year @Mid_Ohio. Sigh. #summerisgone #iamnotready pic.twitter.com/twBEA7KbpW — Lance Oliver (@lancekoliver) October 7, 2015

Lunch ride to the old warehouse down by the big ditch

One of my favorite lunch rides, especially this time of year, is to the old warehouse down by the big ditch. Really, it’s a lot better than that description sounds. The Warehouse Steak N’ Stein gets its name honest. The 1830 building really was a warehouse in its early days, and the Steak N’ Stein […]

The last of the season

This past weekend, I took advantage of the fine weather to take my last motorcycle camping trip of the year, this time choosing to visit Eastern Kentucky. I pitched my tent at Jenny Wiley State Park near Prestonsburg and passed the weekend exploring, riding, sightseeing and, of course, photographing, so I’ll have material for a […]

A preview of fall

Fall is the finest and most fleeting of seasons for riding and Sunday, the last day of September, was a glorious preview of charms to come. So at the slightest provocation (my wife promised me one of her great homemade pies if I’d ride to her favorite orchard and bring home a peck of apples), […]

The most beautiful rides of the year

On those crystal days of autumn, when the air is just the right temperature to comfortably wear the gear and the leaves are hitting their peak, there is no better time to ride, just for the sake of breathing a deep gulp of nature’s beauty and celebrating the feeling of being alive. And to relive […]