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It’s a motorcycle: You gonna look at it or ride it?

Two of my colleagues at RevZilla were considering my 1997 Triumph Speed Triple. “It’s kind of sad that a bike owned by someone in the industry is in that condition,” one of them said after a minute’s hesitation. OK. So maybe that’s not what I was expecting to hear. Or, on another level, maybe I […]

The not-so-polar-bear ride

Some people say going for a ride on the first day of the year brings good luck for the following 364 days. That’s probably just an excuse to ride, but in the gray days of winter at these latitudes, I’ll take what I can get.

I’m a Life Member of the AMA and I have mixed feelings about that

I am now a Charter Life Member of the American Motorcyclist Association. All that means is that I just paid my annual dues for the 25th time, so I don’t have to pay dues the rest of my life. It’s a milestone that’s both more significant than I would have predicted 25 years ago and […]

The tweets say it all: #FirstDayofFall, last summer motorcycle trip

#FirstDayofFall means end of summer. A photo from my last #motorcycle trip of the season this week. #AutumnalEquinox pic.twitter.com/7J6E4SGHo0 — Lance Oliver (@lancekoliver) September 22, 2016 Perfect day for. #motorcycle ride along Lake Michigan. pic.twitter.com/jzorvKSSCG — Lance Oliver (@lancekoliver) September 20, 2016

100,000 miles on the Speed Triple

We humans like nice, big, round numbers. So inevitably, I’ve had nothing but positive reactions when I’ve told people about my 1997 Triumph Speed Triple rolling over 100,000 miles.

Don’t forget: Monday is Ride to Work Day

Don’t forget that Monday is Ride to Work Day. Personally, I think it’s a great idea to ride your motorcycle to work every day. But if you only do it sometimes, make sure Monday is one of those times. When you’re in the minority, as motorcyclists are in the U.S. traffic stream, it’s always a […]

The ones that got away: Motorcycles I didn’t buy

While my experience pales in comparison to some of the guys who have been in the motorcycle writing business full-time for decades, I have had the chance, thanks to my work in the industry, to ride a lot of different motorcycles. I’ve lost count of exactly how many. But I am pretty sure the number […]

2016: Day one, ride one of a new year

With the sun shining and temperatures around 35 degrees, there was nothing to stop me from starting off the year with a motorcycle ride on Jan. 1, what many people in these climes call a polar bear ride. Thanks to El Niño and one of the strongest freak storms on record, the North Pole was […]