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The 2017 Harley-Davidson Street Rod: I don’t get this motorcycle

Most people were underwhelmed by the Harley-Davidson Street 750, Harley’s new liquid-cooled “world” motorcycle. Performance was nothing amazing, which is not that surprising for Harley-Davidson, but what was surprising was the general quality of the fit and finish and the looks. In introducing the 2017 Street Rod, Harley had been unusually responsive to criticism. This […]

The American motorcycle company death of the week

We are 26 days into the new year and I’ve already written about two motorcycle companies ceasing operations. If the closure of Victory came as a bit of a shock, the shuttering (again) of Erik Buell Racing felt more like a mere formality, a begrudging recognition of the inevitable.

Did Harley-Davidson compromise the LiveWire to make it more Harley-like?

Even if Harley-Davidson never builds or sells a single LiveWire electric motorcycle, the project has been a success, just from the reams of publicity it has generated. Magazines and websites that probably didn’t even know electric motorcycles existed were suddenly writing about the LiveWire because the dominant motorcycle manufacturer in the United States did something […]

Harley-Davidson’s latest approach to winning the world and the young

Will people buy a Harley-Davidson made in India with a liquid-cooled engine? The answer would be a loud “no” (make that an angry “hell no!”) if by “people” I meant Harley’s traditional customer base. But with the new models Harley is rolling out for 2014, the people we’re talking about mostly live in places like […]