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Slow way around: Big lake, little bikes in Lake Erie Loop

This article was originally published in the September, 2008 issue of Backroads magazine. The throttle has been jammed to the stop for several minutes, the engine is screaming above 9,000 rpm and I’m tucked in tightly, desperately seeking every last mph of top speed as I flee Detroit on I-75 south. That’s when the SUV […]

Worst use of a motorcycle in a music video, ever

And the award for Worst Use of a Motorcycle as a Prop in a Music Video goes to… (rustling envelope) … Kanye West! So bad on so many levels, it’s laughable.

RSF exclusive: Spy shots reveal zombie response team

While the use of motorcycles in the military and other branches of the government has declined in recent decades, the RSF blog has uncovered information about a top secret, elite, motorized unit created by the Department of Homeland Security to address an unlikely but potentially terrifying threat: a zombie outbreak.

Icecapades: A motorcyclist in winter

Spare a thought for the motorcyclist in winter. Some gracefully accept the inevitable gaps in riding and store the bike for the worst of the winter months. Some of us, through questionable judgment, a lack of other transportation options, or sheer stubborn refusal to admit that winter has the best of us, keep on riding. […]

DMG announces radical new AMA Superbike rules

Facing weak race attendance and declining sponsorship, Daytona Motorsports Group, which runs AMA Superbike racing, has decided to implement the most radical restructuring of the Superbike rules package in series history. The RSF blog obtained an exclusive interview with DMG’s Vice President for Advancement of Show Strategy to get an explanation. RSF: We understand that […]