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Dunlop RoadSmart III sport-touring motorcycle tire review

I had a shock last year when I changed the front tire on my Kawasaki Versys and went to write down the mileage in my maintenance log. According to the numbers, that Dunlop Roadsmart II had been on the front wheel of my Versys for 25,000 miles! I was certain it was a mistake. I […]

A look back at my 2016 in riding

In the waning days of December, the nights come early and the tendency to look back comes easily. For me, the year of riding was far from the best or the worst. For some, riding a motorcycle is a hobby, maybe even an expensive and time-consuming one, like playing golf or owning a boat. These […]

How to get ripped off when buying a used motorcycle

In the unlikely event you’d like to overpay for a used motorcycle, then you’ll be happy to know it’s an easy process. Really, there’s just one step: Be foolish and impulsive (or lazy) and do no research. I could have chosen a lot of examples, but here’s one that works quite nicely. This Cincinnati dealership […]

Kawasaki Versys 1000 LT review

About 13 years ago, my wife saw a TV travel show about a place in Saint George, Utah, called the Red Mountain Resort. At the time, she was a mid-life grad school student dreaming of a spa getaway with her girlfriends. Now that she’s the associate provost of her college, she decided it was finally […]

The Versys finally lets me down

As I wrote in my post Four years on a Kawasaki Versys (and the previous Two years on a Kawasaki Versys), this inexpensive bike has been a reliable ride. I guess it had to end sooner or later. There’s one common problem I know of with this model of motorcycle, and it finally bit me, […]

Motorcycle owners: the loyal and the promiscuous

A colleague had a couple of bikes for sale, and had recently bought another used one, so I was asking him if this was part of a strategic master plan to realign his fleet of (mostly old) motorcycles, or just typical buying and selling activity for him. It turned out to be the latter, but […]

Summer road trip: The rain stays mainly in Maine

What I did on my summer vacation? Not exactly. First of all, when you’re self-employed (or at least if you’re self-employed and like me), you never really have a normal “vacation,” in the sense of free time doing nothing. All my vacations are working vacations. As I’ve explained to friends and strangers alike, when you’re a […]

Four years on a Kawasaki Versys

Two years ago, I wrote a post called Two years on a Kawasaki Versys. For a long time it was the most-read post on this blog. That’s mostly the result of people searching for real-world accounts of living with the Versys over the long term. Magazine and website tests are great resources. I occasionally write […]