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Dunlop RoadSmart III sport-touring motorcycle tire review

I had a shock last year when I changed the front tire on my Kawasaki Versys and went to write down the mileage in my maintenance log. According to the numbers, that Dunlop Roadsmart II had been on the front wheel of my Versys for 25,000 miles! I was certain it was a mistake. I […]

100,000 miles on the Speed Triple

We humans like nice, big, round numbers. So inevitably, I’ve had nothing but positive reactions when I’ve told people about my 1997 Triumph Speed Triple rolling over 100,000 miles.

The photo and tweet say it all

The road goes on forever and the party never ends… Old #motorcycle joy. pic.twitter.com/UIFyXEGC5P — Lance Oliver (@lancekoliver) July 3, 2015

My thousand-mile day

You won’t find my name on the Iron Butt Association list of people who have done a SaddleSore 1000 ride, which is riding at least 1,000 miles in 24 hours. I could say that’s because I’ve always been more interested in having the experience of things than gathering the credentials, and that would be true […]

The old Speed Triple, ready for another round

My old Speed Triple, the one motorcycle I’ve ridden more than any other, has seen very light duty in recent years. In large part, that was because of an intermittent electrical problem that made me reluctant to ride it, because I didn’t know if it would start when we needed to get back home.

The road to 100,000 miles

There’s more than one route to 100,000 miles. You can get there by being the commuter warrior, intentionally taking the long way home each day, plus hitting the track a few times a year like Philippe Gouamba. Or you could ride to work weekdays, ride with your friends in your local motorcycle club on weekends, […]

Why I ride a “small” motorcycle

I’ve lost count of how many motorcycles I’ve ridden over the years, though I was able to add up the number of brands, which came to 14. Those hundred-plus motorcycles (all of them street-legal, by the way) ranged in size from 50 cc to an 1800 cc Honda Gold Wing. In the U.S. of A., […]

The 200,000-mile Ninja

Hang around online motorcycle forums any time at all and soon enough you’ll see someone post a request for advice that reads something like this: “I’m thinking of buying this sportbike. It looks clean and the owner seems like he takes care of his stuff, but it has 20,000 miles on it. Is it used […]