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What new motorcycle at EICMA caught my eye

Every year, the EICMA show in Milan, Italy, serves up a feast of new motorcycles. We covered the most significant and relevant announcements over at RevZilla with multiple stories, even though unlike some sites, we don’t cover everything. Here, though, I’m being even more selective. Here’s what I personally found most interesting.

Indian promises the future, but for now we get a fringed monstrosity

Ever since Polaris decided to shut down Victory Motorcycles after 18 years and go all-in (motorcycle-wise) on resurrecting the Indian brand, just about every public comment by company executives has reassured us that they know they have to attract new customers, that they will expand the product line beyond heavy cruisers and great things are […]

The American motorcycle company death of the week

We are 26 days into the new year and I’ve already written about two motorcycle companies ceasing operations. If the closure of Victory came as a bit of a shock, the shuttering (again) of Erik Buell Racing felt more like a mere formality, a begrudging recognition of the inevitable.

First ride review of the BMW G 310 R

When BMW showed its G 310 R roadster at the EICMA show a little over a year ago, I wasn’t sure I’d ever see it on U.S. roads. Even less did I expect that a year later I’d be riding one through the Santa Monica Mountains to the popular motorcycle hangout, the Rock Store, or […]

Motorcycle styling: Evil bots, crouching predators and your grandfather’s bike

At some point in recent years, apparently when I wasn’t paying attention, styling of your basic street motorcycle (call it a standard, a naked bike, or whatever you prefer) split into two distinct branches. Now, those branches have grown so far apart, with just about nothing in between, that they hardly seem like they could […]

How to get ripped off when buying a used motorcycle

In the unlikely event you’d like to overpay for a used motorcycle, then you’ll be happy to know it’s an easy process. Really, there’s just one step: Be foolish and impulsive (or lazy) and do no research. I could have chosen a lot of examples, but here’s one that works quite nicely. This Cincinnati dealership […]

Why (almost) everyone in the motorcycle industry is unhappy

I can’t remember the last time I was around a group of people who work in the motorcycle industry, especially the motorcycle media, and heard happy, positive chatter. I understand why that is. In a growing industry, you can do an OK job and still prosper by winning a slice of a bigger pie. But […]

EPA retracts statement that would have overturned Superbike racing

Under pressure from Congress and the car racing industry (with very little involvement from the motorcycle racing side, which would have also been affected), the Environmental Protection Agency has backed off an interpretation of emissions laws that would have made it illegal to race modified street-legal machines. In other words, all of the professional roadracing […]