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How to get your motorcycle ready for spring

If you live as far from the equator as I currently do, you know how you feel when that first nice day of spring comes around and you really, really want to go for a ride. A real ride, one that involves fun and traction, not multiple layers of clothing, shivering, and slippery roads. How […]

The old Speed Triple, ready for another round

My old Speed Triple, the one motorcycle I’ve ridden more than any other, has seen very light duty in recent years. In large part, that was because of an intermittent electrical problem that made me reluctant to ride it, because I didn’t know if it would start when we needed to get back home.

Motorcycle 101

Along with the touring stories, personal profiles and articles about one-of-a-kind customs, some of the stories I’ve written for Accelerate magazine have been practical, how-to pieces. Though I’m no master mechanic, I have learned some helpful tips during a lifetime of riding, from how to prep your bike to how to pack for a long […]