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Three reasons why your first motorcycle should be a used motorcycle

People get into motorcycling a lot of different ways, but one case I’ve seen over and over is the non-rider who spots a beautiful motorcycle that somehow fires all the right synapses in some deep primordial part of the brain and who absolutely knows in that instant, without a hint of doubt, that this is […]

The best advice: Five things to remember

If you’ve been around motorcycling as long as I have, you can remember a time when there were no Motorcycle Safety Foundation courses and few good books on how to ride better. Training may have been the motorcycle salesman telling you, “This is the clutch, this is the brake, one down and four up. Good […]

How to gear up for winter motorcycle riding

Years of living in tropical and sub-tropical climates spoiled me. Being able to ride all year was easily taken for granted. Now that I’m nearly 40 degrees north of the equator, it’s a little more complicated. But while most of my fellow riders around here surrender in November and don’t come out to play until […]

Did you hear about the secret to riding farther?

In the coming days, dozens of riders will set off on two grueling, competitive endurance rides on public roads, the Hoka Hey Challenge and the Iron Butt Rally. Just as importantly, many thousands of us will be take advantage of summer to ride our motorcycles across a few county lines or maybe across a continent. Some […]

I have seen motorcycling’s future and its name is … Grom?

It’s human nature. We all like to be catered to. But as a 52-year-old white male living in the United States who has an interest in seeing the motorcycle industry do well, I have to realize that I am not motorcycling’s future. I am its past. In recent years, it has become popular among many […]

A focus group at the International Motorcycle Show

This past weekend, I was part of a self-selected, unappointed, unofficial, unconsulted focus group that attended the Progressive International Motorcycle Show at Cleveland. The four of us represent a fairly wide cross-section of the potential motorcycle-buying public, so I think our responses to what we saw are worth a recap.

It’s a great time to be a beginner motorcyclist

The Japanese motorcycle manufacturers seem to have realized that if they don’t make it easier, cheaper and more enticing for young people specifically, and new riders in general, to get started in motorcycling, in a generation they’ll be left with a dwindling pool of old riders to buy their goods in the U.S. market. Several […]

How to learn to ride a motorcycle

I know a woman whose attempt to learn to ride a motorcycle lasted ten feet. She decided she’d have her boyfriend, a very experienced motorcyclist, teach her. She lurched ten feet across the parking lot, he screamed at her, they started arguing about his teaching technique and she gave up then and there. Never did […]