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Three success stories from MotoAmerica riders who almost gave up… but didn’t

Professional motorcycle racing is an extremely precarious career choice, and not just for the reason most people think about first (crashing).

A look back at my 2016 in riding

In the waning days of December, the nights come early and the tendency to look back comes easily. For me, the year of riding was far from the best or the worst. For some, riding a motorcycle is a hobby, maybe even an expensive and time-consuming one, like playing golf or owning a boat. These […]

Kenny Noyes a year later: Back from the darkness

It was a year ago today that Kenny Noyes, an American roadracer who lived in Barcelona and raced mostly in Europe, crashed during a practice session in the Spanish Superbike championship. His motorcycle bounced off the wall and hit him in the head. The early news was grim. Would he live? Would he forever be […]

Toni Elias shakes up the MotoAmerica Superbike series

Just two rounds into the second season of MotoAmerica Superbike racing, Toni Elias has injected both an intriguing new story line and an extra level of excitement into a series that’s still struggling to come back from the hole it was left in by previous management. None of that should be a surprise. Elias is […]

EPA retracts statement that would have overturned Superbike racing

Under pressure from Congress and the car racing industry (with very little involvement from the motorcycle racing side, which would have also been affected), the Environmental Protection Agency has backed off an interpretation of emissions laws that would have made it illegal to race modified street-legal machines. In other words, all of the professional roadracing […]

Why Maxim got it wrong about flat-track racing

I’m only picking on Maxim because a media empire built on cleavage is an easy target. Their argument is not unique.

The EPA thinks most professional motorcycle racing in the U.S. is illegal

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency thinks motorcycles raced in the MotoAmerica series, the top professional motorcycle racing series in the United States, are illegal. Superbikes, Superstock bikes, Supersport race bikes — all of ’em, illegal. Same goes for that modified Mazda Miata your friend races in SCCA, by the way. If you have a track-only […]

Under the helmet, we are one

This video is full of cliches. It’s a promotional video, predictable and sappy. I love it anyway. I recently wrote a satirical piece for RevZilla that made a point about the way we motorcyclists divide ourselves into warring tribes over the smallest things, like the color of our leather or the rake angle of our […]