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Alpinestars T-Jaws WP textile jacket review

I have more than my fair share of Alpinestars gear. From my old faithful roadrace boots and one-piece leathers to a pair of SP-1 gloves, two textile jackets, a mesh jacket and pants. If you plot all those products on a spectrum of my level of satisfaction, a pattern emerges. The more track-oriented stuff, I’m […]

Dainese TRQ-Tour Gore-Tex boots review

With my old motorcycle touring boots showing signs of impending disintegration, I went on the search this year for a pair of boots that checked all my boxes. I found it was harder than I thought. I have a pair of Alpinestars roadracing boots for track days, and they provide wonderful protection. But that protection […]

A humble track-day guy’s Dunlop Q3 review

Consider it one of those small victories in life that induce happiness: I recently did the best lap time on my local track that I’ve ever done on my Triumph Daytona 675. No, I didn’t make any modifications to the bike. And since I’m on the high side of 50, and have been riding on the […]

Photochromic helmet faceshields: my new favorite gear

The technological advances I’ve seen in my many years of riding motorcycles have been impressive. I now look at the skinny fork tubes and narrow, hard-rubber tires on the bikes I rode as a beginner and wonder how I managed not to crash in every single curve. The last decade, particularly, has brought incredible advances, from […]

Tank pad comparison: TechSpec vs. Stompgrip vs. Tank Slapper

I don’t normally write product reviews on this blog, but here’s an exception. If you’re considering tank pads to protect the paint and provide better grip on your sportbike’s gas tank, read on.

How to gear up for winter motorcycle riding

Years of living in tropical and sub-tropical climates spoiled me. Being able to ride all year was easily taken for granted. Now that I’m nearly 40 degrees north of the equator, it’s a little more complicated. But while most of my fellow riders around here surrender in November and don’t come out to play until […]

Did you hear about the secret to riding farther?

In the coming days, dozens of riders will set off on two grueling, competitive endurance rides on public roads, the Hoka Hey Challenge and the Iron Butt Rally. Just as importantly, many thousands of us will be take advantage of summer to ride our motorcycles across a few county lines or maybe across a continent. Some […]

What to wear: A non-ideological, common-sense guide to gear

If you want to start a raging, multi-page debate in an online motorcycle forum, there are a few old standbys that always work: what’s the best way to break in an engine, what kind of oil should I use, and do I really need to wear all my gear all the time? It’s the last […]