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Three reasons why your first motorcycle should be a used motorcycle

People get into motorcycling a lot of different ways, but one case I’ve seen over and over is the non-rider who spots a beautiful motorcycle that somehow fires all the right synapses in some deep primordial part of the brain and who absolutely knows in that instant, without a hint of doubt, that this is […]

The best advice: Five things to remember

If you’ve been around motorcycling as long as I have, you can remember a time when there were no Motorcycle Safety Foundation courses and few good books on how to ride better. Training may have been the motorcycle salesman telling you, “This is the clutch, this is the brake, one down and four up. Good […]

How to make tires last forever

OK, if I really knew how to make motorcycle tires last forever, I could earn motorcycle sainthood. For those of us who ride a lot, especially on high-performance bikes, tires are our biggest expense. I admit: I can’t make tires last forever. But, after riding a track day at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course this […]

Keeping it Alive: Stayin’ Safe Motorcycle Training rolls on

This article was originally published in Rider magazine in 2008. Riding along a two-lane draped over the rolling hills of eastern Ohio, I could be thinking about the dinner to come at the historic Stockport Mill Inn, admiring the pinkish-purple fuzz of the spring blooms on the redbud trees, or pondering the business model of […]

A humble track-day guy’s Dunlop Q3 review

Consider it one of those small victories in life that induce happiness: I recently did the best lap time on my local track that I’ve ever done on my Triumph Daytona 675. No, I didn’t make any modifications to the bike. And since I’m on the high side of 50, and have been riding on the […]

More incentive to keep your resolution: you’ll be a better rider

It shouldn’t be a surprise in this sedentary, overweight country that the most commonly made New Year’s resolution is to lose weight. On that same list, “exercise more,” “eat healthier” and “improve health” are numbers five, six and seven. That’s a lot of good intentions. But while I don’t have any statistics at hand, we also know […]

Ten reasons you need to do a track day

I’ve mingled with just about every kind of motorcyclist over the years, from hyper-competitive motocrossers who dread riding a bike that’s two years old to vintage enthusiasts on bikes that would grace a museum. But I’m most in my element when I’m at rallies or gatherings that draw the serious segment of sport-touring riders. These are […]

Riding resolutions

There are plenty of good motorcycling resolutions that could be made, that should be made, even need to be made.