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A Scootour of Puerto Rico

This story originally appeared in Rider magazine. Sometimes you just need to take a ride. Even if circumstances aren’t optimal. Even if there are obstacles to overcome. Even if those around you react with, “You want to do what?” That’s how I came to find myself on Puerto Rico Route 191, a narrow road of […]

A look back at my 2016 in riding

In the waning days of December, the nights come early and the tendency to look back comes easily. For me, the year of riding was far from the best or the worst. For some, riding a motorcycle is a hobby, maybe even an expensive and time-consuming one, like playing golf or owning a boat. These […]

The tweets say it all: #FirstDayofFall, last summer motorcycle trip

#FirstDayofFall means end of summer. A photo from my last #motorcycle trip of the season this week. #AutumnalEquinox pic.twitter.com/7J6E4SGHo0 — Lance Oliver (@lancekoliver) September 22, 2016 Perfect day for. #motorcycle ride along Lake Michigan. pic.twitter.com/jzorvKSSCG — Lance Oliver (@lancekoliver) September 20, 2016

Under the helmet, we are one

This video is full of cliches. It’s a promotional video, predictable and sappy. I love it anyway. I recently wrote a satirical piece for RevZilla that made a point about the way we motorcyclists divide ourselves into warring tribes over the smallest things, like the color of our leather or the rake angle of our […]

Lunch ride to the old warehouse down by the big ditch

One of my favorite lunch rides, especially this time of year, is to the old warehouse down by the big ditch. Really, it’s a lot better than that description sounds. The Warehouse Steak N’ Stein gets its name honest. The 1830 building really was a warehouse in its early days, and the Steak N’ Stein […]

I-80 across Pennsylvania: Deer Alley

Because of my regular trips to RevZilla in Philadelphia and my annual excursion to visit family in Maine, I cross Pennsylvania at least a few times every year (though sometimes I take a route through Maryland when going to Philly, just to avoid another day on the Pennsylvania Turnpike). When I’m coming home from Maine, […]

Keeping it Alive: Stayin’ Safe Motorcycle Training rolls on

This article was originally published in Rider magazine in 2008. Riding along a two-lane draped over the rolling hills of eastern Ohio, I could be thinking about the dinner to come at the historic Stockport Mill Inn, admiring the pinkish-purple fuzz of the spring blooms on the redbud trees, or pondering the business model of […]

Two dozen tips for a smarter motorcycle tour

For many of us in northern climes, this is the time of year we spend looking longingly at maps and imagining all the places we’ll go as soon as the weather breaks. If I’d actually done all the trips I’ve dreamed of doing on some dreary February evening, I’d be in the million-mile club and […]