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A fine vintage, but not what it once was

Back around 2006, when people were sure that real estate prices were going to go up 20 percent a year minimum, forever, and therefore lots of people thought it was a brilliant idea to take out a HELOC to buy an extreme, $40,000 chopper that was almost impossible to ride and was so uncomfortable you […]

My kind of custom

Don’t worry, I’m not going to go “Sound of Music” on you and burst into song, but these are definitely a few of my favorite things: A custom motorcycle that is both one man’s vision and the labor of his own talented hands. A one-of-a-kind motorcycle that doesn’t cost $30,000, is actually rideable, and was […]

Motorcycle gumbo: scenes from Vintage Motorcycle Days

One motorcycle event I hit just about every year is AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course. That’s partly because it’s close to home for me, but it’s also because it offers more two-wheeled diversity than any race, rally, bike show, bike night, swap meet or other motorcycle event. Because it incorporates […]